The Women’s Sanctuary Podcast – The Video Series

Nourishing the soul, cultivating sisterhood, and co-creating the rise of the Sacred Feminine

Rooted in psychology, shamanic work, and the ancient practice of women gathering in community, watch as host Arlia Hoffman shares in-depth conversations with women rich with wisdom and inspiration.

The Women’s Sanctuary Podcast is a sacred place to enter and rest, renew your soul, find encouragement, and hear the stories of other women and their journey. Focused on compassion for self and others, the inner life that leads to peace, and honoring our inherent power, we build the connections that help shape our world as it returns to alignment with the Sacred Feminine.

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About the host

Arlia Hoffman

Arlia Hoffman is founder of The Women’s Sanctuary and The Women’s Agency.

She holds a Masters in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, is an ordained minister, and a shamanic mentor.  She is passionate about supporting women as they re-member themselves.

In The Women’s Sanctuary, founded in 2014, she facilitates sacred sisterhood, mentors women, and holds sacred events. She carries forward this energy to The Women’s Sanctuary Podcast, with inspiring conversations, shared wisdom, and community.

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