Wholly You

Helping the LGBTQ Community and their Friends Live Wholly and Authentically

Whether you identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community or as an ally, the Wholly You podcast will offer insights and support to help you live life courageously. Hosted by Rev Evin Wilkins and Rev Karen Romestan, you will experience conversations of sharing struggles, triumphs, bruises, and healing that will inspire you to never give up. Drawing from their own life experiences as well as those of their guests, you will hear stories of those who have lived through the struggle to accept themselves as who they truly are. This is how to be Wholly You.

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About the host

Evin Wilkins

Reverend Evin currently serves as co-minister to Courageous Living in Unity, a Unity alternative ministry and as senior minister to the Unity Center of Divine Love and Light in Spokane, Washington.

Evin began attending Unity in his hometown of Austin, TX and has remained a student of Unity Principles since that time. He also knew at that time that he wanted to become a Unity minister and enrolled in the Unity Urban Ministerial School was ordained in June, 2019. He fondly states, “Becoming a Unity minister was one of my most rewarding and greatest achievements. I have grown tremendously through both the study and implementation of our principles and my desire is to help others do the same and to recognize their own, amazing potential.”

In his spare time, Evin loves to spend time with his wife and fur children, practice Karate and Yoga, read, hike, and conduct house blessings and paranormal investigations.

Karen Romesta

Rev. Karen Romestan is an ordained Unity minister as well as a spiritual director trained through Perkins Seminary. She has lived life with the idea of “not on my watch” and “see something, say something”. Empowering others to live authentically, courageously, and wholly brings her great joy! Karen also enjoys creating rituals and ceremonies that celebrate each milestone of life and mark each moment as sacred. Karen often serves as guest speaker for Unity spiritual communities and other churches.

Together Reverends Evin and Karen have founded Courageous Living in Unity to honor and support healing, education, spiritual growth, and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

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