Are All Psychics Neurodiverse? – By Lisa Campion

Yes! Yes, we are…. Although lately I have been thinking we are ALL neurodiverse- and what is neuro normality anyway…?

I have been training psychics, sensitives, intuitives and empaths for over 20 years now and have noticed that most of the people that I work with have different ways that we think and process information. Our brains are wired in unique, adaptive and interesting ways that may (or may not) deviate off the norm- whatever that is.

Many psychics, including myself, have “learning disabilities” that showcase our strengths in the creative, intuitive side of the brain and can be little wonky in some other areas. I am dyslexic and dysgraphic (This means that letters and numbers get all mixed up when I write them down.) and this didn’t get recognized when I was a kid in school.

Sadly, I was labeled as either stupid or lazy for most of my childhood schooling and didn’t even know I was smart until I went to university and could stop taking math classes. A lot of my sudden improvement came from getting my first PC, a sweet little Apple Macintosh, that had a spell check and a dot matrix printer- and Voila! I could suddenly get things done.

The next thing I knew, I was an honors student and graduated Magna Cum Laude, since the word processing program magically fixed my dysgraphic spelling errors.

I still can’t do math, but I can talk to dead people!

I know my brain is wired in this neurodivergent way and that is how my brain works, and it’s why I have the gifts that I do.

Some psychics have “ADD” – which I put in quotes because labels are not always helpful. I see this type of psychic as highly creative, highly psychic, dimension hoppers, who are probably star seeds and might not be from around this wing of the galaxy. These psychics easily connect to the higher frequencies, the cosmic energy of the universe but they have difficulty staying grounded and in their bodies. They are healers and creatives, bringing new ideas and information down here to this dense planet, right when we need it.

And some psychics relate to the Highly Sensitive Person type, with their delicate nervous systems, and sensory processing challenges. The world keeps them on constant sensory overload and they crave alone time, peace and quiet, which they really need to digest all the energy, frequency, noise and psychic static that we are all immersed in every day. They have strong intuitive abilities, sharp, logical minds and always have a streak of brilliance in them. Maybe they relate to the old fashioned term “ESP” – extra sensory perception- since they seem to take in more sensory data than most people and find their psychic connection that way.

Empaths also have their version of neurodiversity. They are tuned into their social, spiritual and emotional intelligence all the time and sometimes prioritize these type of intelligence over the logical IQ.

However you look at it, I believe that we all have exactly the right kind of mind, heart, body and guts to accomplish the mission we came here to do. How could it be otherwise? We are all unique and perfect just as we are. I had to work through some trauma about being a round peg that was forced to try and fit in a square hole, and have found much freedom in accepting my mind/brain just as a it. Let’s let go of the idea of neuro normative and celebrate our unique beingness. Woo hoo!

Do you recognize yourself in any of these, or do you have your own experience of being neurodiverse? I would love to hear about it!

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