Mind Body Spirit.fm Announces Launch of New Curated Network

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Contact: Tina Williamson, Mind Body Spirit.fm

Austin, Texas, June 22, 2021 – Mind Body Spirit.fm announces the launch of a new podcast network exclusively focused on programs and hosts in the mind, body and spirit categories. Listeners can enjoy a variety of exclusive inspirational programming for personal growth, alternative health, spiritual growth, beauty, metaphysics, mental health, and transformation. Listeners can find programs in these categories all on one website without having to search across various podcast platforms, and podcasters can be found under one channel with synchronistic programming.

The network launched with “Angel Talk” hosted by Rachel Corpus, “Beauty, Love and Transformation” hosted by Michelle Phillips (whose show guests have included Panache Desai, Anita Moorjani and Agapi Stassinopoulus), “Mental Health: Hope and Recovery” hosted by Helen Sneed and Valerie Milburn, “HEARTCAST – A Coach For Your Heart” hosted by Ed McShane, and “Shamanic Alchemy” hosted by Liana Xochitl Soria.  Coming soon is “Second Acts” hosted by Joan Herrmann. All shows can be found at www.mindbodyspirit.fm.

“We’re excited to offer podcasters a place to be found without getting lost in the ocean of thousands of other podcasts,” said Diane Ray, co-founder of Mind Body Spirit.fm. Utilizing her radio background and 11+ years at Hay House Radio, Ray has experience and relationships with many thought leaders in the space.

Mind Body Spirit.fm offers podcasters a new home at no charge, in contrast to some podcasting platforms, provides a website with other content providers in similar categories, and manages advertising sales for the podcasters.

“Podcasting is the fastest growing content platform in the world, but it can be difficult for podcasts to be found in this field,” said Tina Williamson, Ray’s partner and co-founder in Mind Body Spirit.fm.  Williamson is an ad industry executive and served as V.P. Marketing at Broadcast.com.  “We’re excited to be able to offer dynamic ad insertion to podcasters while offering advertisers programming popular with key demographics, such as Women 25-54.”

About Mind Body Spirit.fm

Mind Body Spirit.fm is a new podcast network curated to host programs in the areas of personal growth, metaphysics, self-help, healing, alternative health, mental health, spiritual growth, and related areas. Listeners are invited to connect with thought leaders from around the world in their journey to expand their minds and open their hearts and minds to new ideas and lessons. Podcasters will share a platform with like-minded show hosts as well as participate in revenue sharing of advertising dollars. Interested advertisers can contact Tina Williamson at tina@mindbodyspirit.fm.

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