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Podnews PRESS RELEASE.  People today are facing a barrage of acutely stressful events: politically charged anger and division, pandemic fueled fear and grief, economic uncertainty, rising prices, and distressing social issues just to name a few.

MindBodySpirit.fm was founded by two powerhouse radio and advertising industry professionals who saw a need for a podcast platform that offers shows exclusively in the Mind, Body, Spirit genres in order to provide help, hope, and mindfulness in this time of uncertainty.

Co-founder Diane Ray was instrumental in developing Hay House Radio and was the director of Unity Radio. Co-founder Tina Williamson was the VP of Marketing for Broadcast.com and worked directly with Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner until it was sold to Yahoo for $5.7 Billion. She also has 35+ years of business and entrepreneurial experience that she contributes to MindBodySpirit.fm.

MindBodySpirit’s 45+ shows offer helpful advice to implement self-care, handle change, cope with grief, navigate addiction, and handle physical and mental pain. Their shows help people combine western medicine with a holistic mind-body connection, explore a plant-based lifestyle, grow themselves with personal development tips, and even connect with their spiritual side—through astrology, numerology, energy healing, mediums, and Angels.

It can be very challenging for audiences to find the content they want in a sea of over 4 million podcasts. MindBodySpirit.fm has curated the finest consciously minded podcasts and assembled them on one easy-access platform.

Notable Examples of Content:

Messages of Hope

Messages of Hope Author, speaker, and teacher Suzanne Giesemann is a former naval commander who was the aide to the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs at the White House. She always knew she could speak to people who had made their transition, so she began her work in that area.
From: Mind Body Spirit.fm
Hosted by: Megaphone
Dynamic Healing with David Hanscom MD and Les Aria PhD

Dynamic Healing Dr. David Hanscom has been a successful orthopedic surgeon for 33+ years and was seen on Good Morning America talking about how to manage physical pain without surgery. He teams up with Les Aria, PhD, head of Kaiser Permanente’s pain management program for Northern California. Together they help people use mind/body techniques to manage mental and physical pain.
From: Mind Body Spirit.fm
Hosted by: Megaphone
Angel Talk with Rachel Corpus

Angel Talk with Rachel Corpus Rachel is a minister who has spoken to the dead since she was a child. She has developed an area of expertise in helping people connect with their Angels, learn lessons from past lives, and help them use tools to find their life’s purpose.
From: Mind Body Spirit.fm
Hosted by: Megaphone
The Kelly Sullivan Walden Show

The Kelly Sullivan Walden Show Dream expert and bestselling author, Reverend Doctor Kelly Sullivan Walden explores nighttime dreams, daytime desires, and the best ways to transform the tragic into magic by harnessing the power of dreams.
From: Mind Body Spirit.fm
Hosted by: Megaphone
The Genna Effect with Vincent Genna

The Genna Effect Vincent Genna, MSW, is a healer, author, psychic medium and psychotherapist who shares his 36+ years of experience to provide you with tools to recognize and let go of unconscious blocks so you can create the life of your dreams.
From: Mind Body Spirit.fm
Hosted by: Megaphone

For more information, visit www.mindbodyspirit.fm and explore what’s possible.
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