All Aboard the Mediumship

Bringing Comfort from Spirit

Liz discovered a wealth of love and comfort from the spirit world at a young age and believes this love is available to each of us. No matter what we have been through, there is only love and acceptance from spirit. Join Liz as she shares her experiences of spirit where you will be surprised, inspired and uplifted. Through journeying on gentle guided meditations, you will be able to feel this comfort and peace for yourself. Deepen your connection to your own spirit and be ready to receive.

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About the host

Liz Winter

Liz Winter had a passion for spirituality in her early teens and began to seek out alternative spiritual views and practices. Liz attended her first psychic development class at the age of 16 and from there studied various esoteric sciences, including meditation, mediumship, astrology and reiki.

Since then, Liz has had over 30 years of experience with one on one readings and teaching classes. Liz is a professional counselor and a holistic life coach. Liz has been a radio host and newspaper columnist. Liz published her memoir in 2013 ‘For the Love of Spirit A Medium Memoir’ and her second book ‘Gifts of Guidance Fifty Messages’ in 2017. Liz’s latest book, ‘Keeping Love Alive on the Other Side, Five Elements to Forever Love’ was published in 2020.

Liz has a reputation for being grounded, kind and down to earth.

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