Beauty and Beyond

The Secrets to Radiant Beauty and Unshakable Confidence

Beauty and Beyond is your go-to podcast for women navigating the challenges of aging while prioritizing beauty, health, and wellness. Join celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert, and self-confidence coach Michelle Phillips on a transformative journey as she shares valuable tips, practical tools, and empowering resources to help you not only look amazing but also live an amazing life. From professional beauty advice to techniques to boost your confidence to mindset shifts for personal growth, Michelle provides insights and inspiration to help you feel confident and vibrant at every stage of life. Let Michelle be your guide on your journey to embracing aging gracefully and living your best life.

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About the host

Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips is professional celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert, and self-confidence coach, who has spent over twenty years working in the fast-paced worlds of television and film. Michelle’s clients have relied on her to work her magic, making them feel confident and look their best before they step out in front of the camera. But her expertise doesn’t stop there. Over the years, she’s become a beacon for all things beauty, mindset, health, and wellness, staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving beauty and wellness industry. Michelle’s journey has led her to share her invaluable insights through her best-selling Hay House book and appearances on television shows across the country. Her mission? Education and Empowerment. Michelle helps you navigate the vast landscape of health and wellness trends, beauty products, treatments, and most importantly help you improve your mindset and boost self-confidence along the way. Armed with knowledge, you’ll make better choices for yourself, ensuring you get the results you’ve always dreamed of.

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