Heal Your Family Legacy

Your History is Not Your Destiny

Why does childhood trauma have such a profound impact on our adult lives? Can understanding our past traumas pave the way for a brighter future? Dr. Donna Bevan-Lee, psychotherapist and trauma expert, shares insights from her personal experiences and decades-long journey of helping survivors reclaim their lives. She specializes in supporting survivors of sexual assault of all genders and reveals pioneering strategies used in her renowned adult workshop, as well as the foundation of the methods found in her groundbreaking book, Iron Legacy. Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Bevan-Lee, breaking free from the past towards a brighter future.

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About the host

Donna Bevan-Lee

Dr. Donna Bevan-Lee, Ph.D., MSW., is a seasoned psychotherapist with forty-five years of private practice experience. Renowned for her pioneering work in childhood trauma, she has assisted diverse clients, including sexual assault survivors, domestic violence victims, first responders, and those battling addiction. Drawing from personal history and extensive clinical insight, Dr. Bevan-Lee explores resilience on a profound level, dedicating her life to trauma recovery. Her flagship program, the Legacy Workshop, has aided thousands of abuse survivors over thirty years, forming the basis of her acclaimed book, “Iron Legacy: Childhood Trauma and Adult Transformation.” Dr. Bevan-Lee’s expertise extends to hosting the popular podcast “Healing Your Family Legacy,” where she shares invaluable insights on breaking free from the shadows of the past and forging a path to healing and transformation.

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