Home is Within You

Transforming Shame into Power

Why is shame such a powerful emotion? How does it damage us physically, mentally, and spiritually? Nadia Davis is a mom, author, attorney, and Kundalini yoga teacher who has experienced public shaming on a scale that brought her to her knees. It seems we live in a society that is built on shame. Nadia wants to change that. On her podcast Home is Within You, she shares how she is transforming shame into power. Nadia offers lessons and tips to help others recover from trauma and addiction from a multi-faceted relatable perspective having experienced treatment, hospitalization, separation, and both sides of the justice system.

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About the host

Nadia Davis

Nadia Davis is the mother of three sons and is a writer, attorney, and kundalini yoga instructor. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in sociology, and from Loyola Law School with a Juris Doctor. Nadia became the youngest Latina and Native American in local office when she was elected to the Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Trustees in November of 1998. She has received numerous awards for her work improving the lives of others, including the John F. Kennedy Jr. Service Award, the National Women’s Political Caucus Woman of the Year award, and LULAC’s Hispanic Woman of the Year. Her journey of recovery from trauma, a near-death car accident, public shaming, and addiction is an inspiration to anyone seeking a way out of darkness into the light of knowing their infinite true self. Nadia lives in Southern California.

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