On The Pulse

Stay Curious! With Patricia Falco Beccalli

On The Pulse takes you on a captivating journey into the lives of extraordinary individuals, providing an intimate glimpse into the person behind their public persona. In each episode, Patricia Falco Beccalli meets with renowned authors, visionary entrepreneurs, and esteemed VIPs from the entertainment and music industries, uncovering the genuine essence of who they truly are beyond the official “Who is Who”. Join Patricia as she delves deep into their personal paths, navigating through triumphs, tribulations, peaks and troughs that have shaped their remarkable stories. Together, we embark on a collective quest for knowledge and personal growth, gaining insights and evolve intellectually as well as emotionally. Let’s nurture our curiosity, let’s stay: On the pulse!

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About the host

Patricia Falco Baccalli

Patricia Falco Beccalli is a Co-Founder and Partner at Falco Global Partners and Founder of Principle AG. She is an author, speaker, and host of Mentorit.TV. She supports young companies as an angel investor and a supervisory board member. Educated in finance and communication, she has focused on private equity, media relations and investor relations over the last 30 years. At Falco Global Partners her key expertise and responsibilities are corporate communication and go-to-market strategies. Combining her banking, investment, and finance background with communication skills, she facilitates corporate visibility and successful brand building. Driven by a ‘can do’ attitude, accountability, and integrity, Beccalli creates a positive corporate culture. Her passions include sponsoring the ‘Smiling Gecko’ Charity in Cambodia and her hobbies of ballroom dancing, culinary adventures, and hosting debate clubs.

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