Passed Yet Present

We, and those who have passed, share the need for love and connection. Together, communication becomes collaboration.

Those who have passed are present and on a parallel path with us. We share a continuing concern for each other and we long to express love and offer reassurance. They would like to communicate with us, as we would with them. We always have the ability to reach out, they receive every word that we direct to them. In “Passed Yet Present” we focus on consciously expanding our ability to receive and interpret their messages, leading us to reciprocal communication. With this intention, we consciously collaborate and support each other’s growth, resolve issues, release old patterns, and heal.

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About the host

Marilyn Kapp

Marilyn Kapp was two years old when she watched her grandfather leave his body. He told her he would be back and was true to his word. As she grew she realized many people did not share her perception and kept her abilities to herself and family. That changed when she was a college student and studied with author and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel. He encouraged her to use her perception to help others. Marilyn became comfortable channeling for family and friends. Word spread and people sought her out, her aptitude expanded, and she was guided to help others develop their own abilities.

Originally from Massachusetts, Marilyn went to Boston University, then received a Master of Arts from Emerson College. She lives with her husband Harry in Southern California. Marilyn has channeled for thousands of individuals, families and groups, is the author of Love is Greater Than Pain, and is honored to witness healing, expansion and collaboration.

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