Step Into Your Spiritual Spotlight with The Muniverse

The Journey to Becoming A Spiritual Entrepreneur

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur looking to share your gifts with the world? Hosted by Muni from The Muniverse, each episode features interviews with healers, readers, and intuitives, who have embarked upon the journey of stepping into their own spotlight and making a difference in the world. Through their inspiring stories and valuable insights, you’ll get a rare peek behind the curtain to see what it really takes to build a successful spiritually-based business, as well as practical tips and strategies for growing your own. If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur or aspiring to become one, this podcast is a must-listen!

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About the host

Muni Syed

Muni is the spiritual industry’s best-kept secret. He’s worked with everyone from Tony Robbins and Neale Donald Walsch, to Louise Hay and Radleigh Valentine… launching books, online courses, and live events to millions of fans and followers from all around the world. He’s taken over a decades’ worth of experience working with companies like Hay House, Evolving Wisdom, Celebrate Your Life, and more… to give you a rare view into what it takes to make it big in the spiritual industry. If you’re ready to finally launch your spiritual business, Muni is the teacher you’ve been searching for.

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