Temple Hayes Podcast

Be the Intentional Spirit you were meant to be.

What is possible in your life? Are you ready to expand your belief system regarding aging, energy, and inner power? International energy healer, global spiritual leader and author Temple Hayes helps you use your internal wisdom to be the original you are. As a shamanic practitioner, Temple shares how to engage with the signs all around you. You will learn how to work with your chakras, have more energy, exist in healthy relationships with your body and others, understand the “laws of life” and live every single day. Be who you are intended to be. Recognize your unique path. Be an Intentional Spirit.

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About the host

Temple Hayes

Temple Hayes is an energy medicine healer, global spiritual leader, podcast host, author, and a difference maker. For the past twenty-five years, Temple has been a shamanic practitioner and has dedicated her life to resurrecting humankind to understand that the secret of life is not whether we will live or die but the determination to not die while we are living. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and has received many awards and accolades for her work.

Temple knows what it feels like to feel disconnected, unloved, addicted and rejected. She transformed her life from alcohol addiction, embraced her sexuality and has resurrected herself many times. Her life and teachings are an example for others to live a full and healthy life and to wake up and stop dying every day.

She and her wife Barbara (BB) are role models, live in Santa Barbara, CA and are advocates for LGBTQ.

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