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The Animal Communication Podcast, hosted by Julie Hirt, Karen Dendy Smith and Meredith Tollison, is the place to hear directly from the animals on why they do what they do. Every week, Meredith, Karen and Julie will share their experiences of being Soul Level Animal Communicators®. They will explore topics such as health, behavior, play, and spiritual practices, all from the perspective of the many animals – both alive and in-spirit – they have worked with throughout their careers. Learn how your pet is inviting you to deepen your relationship through Soul Level Lessons to embrace the amazing life meant for you!

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About the host

Julie Hirt

Julie is a Certified Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Certified Heart Animal Soul Professional Communicator and Certified Soul Level Intuitive Coach®. She is a writer, mystic, teaching assistant for the Danielle MacKinnon School and Social Media Director for The Animal Communication Collective®. Julie truly celebrates the partnership we all have with our pets. Her “dog-pack,” whose members are both alive and in-spirit, has helped her move through trauma and physical injury throughout the course of her life. All of these experiences have led her to co-create the life she was meant to have – one she never imagined for herself. Now, she helps others do the same with their beloved pets. Julie works with animals, even those across The Rainbow Bridge, to share their unconditional love. She provides opportunities to safely explore the stories and the limiting, negative beliefs we’ve built around our Divine selves to uncover pathways to wholeness and expansion.

Karen Dendy Smith

Karen is a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Soul Level Intuitive Coach®, Pangu Shengong (qigong) Instructor and Energy Healer. She is an End-of-life Companion Animal Doula through the UVM certificate program and a teaching assistant for the Danielle MacKinnon School. She is also the Founder and a Director of The Animal Communication Collective® (ACC). Karen finds immense joy helping people build deeper connections and relationships with their animal families, alive or in spirit, including past lives. She delivers the messages animals feel are most important to help us heal and grow. Animals have shared that they are striving to create a partnership on this planet, working to support us from within our families and from afar. They also inspired the ACC. Karen believes that when we allow ourselves to see our animals as true partners, we begin to communicate as peers at the soul level. This is where the magic happens.

Meredith Tollison

Meredith is a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Soul Level Intuitive Coach®, Let Animals Lead® Animal Reiki Practitioner, and certified dog trainer with a focus on behavior modification and positive reinforcement. She is also a Director of The Animal Communication Collective®. Meredith believes that, in life or in spirit, animals collaborate with their people to support their growth, healing, and fulfillment. She knows that each of the animals that have passed through her life has played a special role in revealing lessons which have guided her ongoing personal development and her passion for working with animals and their people. Blending endless empathy and compassion with a wry and often cheeky sense of humor, Meredith brings forward animal messages in a casual, conversational, and comfortable way. She offers gratitude to the animals in her life who led her to this work and the opportunity to be of service to others.

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