The Oneness Connection with Debra Moffitt

Accessing Healing, Science, and Spirituality for the New Golden Age

You’re just a frequency shift away from the radiance and energy of the New Golden Age of prosperity and peace. Would you like to know how to open the doors to this higher vision, creative potential and expanded consciousness? Listen as intuitive and author Debra Moffitt invites you on an exploration of physical and spiritual technologies; the economy for a New Earth; healing modalities; our place in space and the galaxy; oneness; intuition; and multidimensional tools for expanded human capacities and connecting with community. With interviews and intuitive wisdom you’ll be ready to bridge the practical with the spiritual and expand into the Golden Age.

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About the host

Debra Moffitt

Debra Moffitt is an award-winning author and intuitive whose books are translated into several languages. Her podcast, The Oneness Connection on brings in high vibe information for the New Golden Age. Find out more about books, workshops and Debra’s intuitive readings on her websites.

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