2024 Tarot Forecast – by Radleigh Valentine

For many, many years I created what I called RadScopes.  These were readings based on tarot – and more loosely – astrology.   Every year I would do a forecast for the coming year.   Recently, the company that publishes my podcast, mindbodyspirit.fm, asked me to bring back this tradition for 2024.  I thought it was a great idea.

I began by pulling a single card for 2024 while asking the angels what the overall theme of 2024 would be.   I then pulled three cards for each month of the year.  I then followed up with a single card that would indicate what our overall assessment of 2024 would be a year from now.   So, let’s get started!

Theme for 2024

The card to represent the theme of 2024 wound up being Knight of Water.   This card talks about romance and flirtatiousness and introspection. On its face, the card talks about falling in love, being swept off your feet, a sudden love affair, a possible lack of balance within relationships, situations or topics that make your heart flutter, and a love of art or poetry. Now, does that mean that for some people that 2024 is a year of romance and of relationships growing stronger and more powerful? Of course. But remember… we were asking for an overall view, not something specific.   And with that in mind, I think this card indicates that 2024 will focus on topics of the heart, deep emotions, experiences that make our hearts flutter, falling in love with life or topics or subject matters, new experiences, and new topics. It’s a year where things are governed by positive emotions.

Now, the thing about the Knight of Water is that it can reflect times where we get emotionally a little out of balance.  Perhaps we give too much and don’t receive back in equal measure. Definitely something to be aware of.

But for an overview, 2024 is an emotional kind of year.  A year with a focus on loving and our heart’s desires.


Now let’s look at January.

The first card that we have is Page of Water which talks about messages regarding relationships, new emotional experiences, a romantic encounter, social events, and heightened psychic abilities. Right away, this is spot-on with the summary card of the year.  The next card is Nine of Water – a card that is always welcome in my opinion. I call this card the “wishes come true” card. Your dreams become reality. It’s a magical time of life with good fortune, faith in the Universe and a feeling that all will be well. And the last card for January is Balance which reflects a blending of the ideas of others with your own to create extraordinary, successful compromise.  It also reflects the power of diversity, self-control, patience, and balance.  Balance is the Temperance card in traditional tarot for those of you who are more familiar with that term.

So, let’s just talk about these three cards together. First of all, this is an amazing, accurate, and very spot-on reading with relation to the card for the year in general.  We have a sense of falling in love, having wishes come true, but also having to stay in a place of balance. So right away, we can sort of see January as this month where we really are getting an initial sense of, wow, this is the kind of stuff that you might be feeling throughout the entire year!  A sense of emotion, a sense of wanting your wishes to come true, and also a tale about the need to stay in balance.


For February, our first card is the Ace of Water. Ace of Water is very much attached to the Page of Water which we had in January. So once again, this same sort of feeling, a beautiful new emotional experience, a romantic relationship, or a deep friendship.  An awakening of psychic abilities or spiritual insights, a love letter, or a new home. So very heartfelt, deep emotional experiences.

We also have other, very different energies in February.  We have the Knight of Earth and we have the (somewhat concerning) Seven of Air. The Knight of Earth talks about planning carefully before taking action, followed by… well… taking action! It also asks that you pay attention to the details and wait for perfect timing.  It can also symbolize a guardian angel or someone who watches over you.

But then we have the more troublesome energy from the Seven of Air which can indicate a loss of peace of mind or personal freedom. Other meanings of the card include taking caution to be aware of others’ actions, a material loss, and making sure you are being honest with yourself. Sometimes it reflects embarrassing secrets being revealed.

When we take all of that into consideration, we have some of the same feelings from January.  However it’s possible that those emotions are starting to run away with us a little bit.  There is a need for the oversight of the Knight of Earth. Remember, The Knight of Earth can represent guardian angels in my decks.  There is a need to plan things out very carefully, to be prepared, and to not just run off all will-nilly acting upon whatever current emotion is ruling your heart.

The Seven of Air is our head’s up that if you don’t stay awake and aware, then things could backfire on you.  It could cause you a lack of personal peace and a sense of freaking out, being a little bit in a panic, and maybe even causing a loss or causing you to feel embarrassed. This is not fated. Nothing in the cards or this forecast is fated. But it is the energy that could materalize if you’re tempted to run amuck with your emotions without having proper plans.


March feels like February but intensified. The first card that we have is the Star. The star is a card of great faith. It asks that we have faith in the future, dreams coming true, and positive changes that will bring an end to challenging times.  Think of it as the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a very positive, uplifting, and optimistic viewpoint of where we’re headed.

Much like the Knight of Earth had in February, in March we have the Emperor.  This is again the same type of energy, just amplified.   The Emperor speaks of how logic and organization will increase your success.  It’s a challenge to take charge of a situation by enacting a leadership role that brings structure and discipline.   A lot of that same energy that we saw in the Knight of Earth about how important it is to be prepared.

And then we have the card called Transformation – which in traditional tarot is The Tower Card.  This can reflect a significant life experience that requires changes to be made.  It can be powerful and often unexpected revelations, breaking free of procrastination, and releasing old belief systems. Sometimes we need our cages rattled so that we will make changes that will take us to the place of joy and happiness.

It should be noted that March displays three major arcana cards all in the same month. That would indicate that March is a very important month in 2024.


In April we begin with a return of the Balance card (aka Temperance) that we saw in January.   So once again, this card speaks of a blending the ideas from others with your own to create something extraordinary. successful compromise, and the power of diversity, self-control, patience, and balance.

The second card is called Awakening which is known in traditional tarot as The Hanged Man.  The story here is about a temporary pause for reflection and insight so that you can see things in a whole new light. We’re asked to embrace our own uniqueness.  Charitable actions may come front and center.

And the third card is The Hermit card.  We are asked to spend time in peaceful meditation and meaningful solitude. To shine your light as an example to others and to seek out or become a spiritual mentor.

Once again, we see three major arcana cards all in the same month indicating the power of those 30 days.   It’s important to listen to the advice of others, but not let it overrule your own guidance.   It’s a melding, not a yielding.  The advice is to see the world in a whole new way.  Get a new perspective.   And under the tutelage of the Hermit, to go within and be very introspective about what to do next.  All three of these cards indicate people who are not moving – they are standing still.   April may not be a month of action, but more one of reflection.


The cards for May aren’t at a standstill, but they aren’t moving quickly either.   Our first card is Ace of Air.   The words on this card speak of brilliant ideas that may need refinement, overcoming obstacles with faith that everything will work out, communicating clearly and concisely, and remaining objective.

The next card is Four of Water.  The messages are a head’s up that you could be failing to recognize a magical opportunity, missing the point, falling prey to the distractions of daily life, or living with discontent and boredom lost in your own world. You need to wake up!

The last card is Ten of Air which reflects the end of a situation that brings relief, sadness, or both. It’s the opportunity for new happiness, a weight off your shoulders, or the end of an addiction.  It can also be a melodramatic reaction if you have any drama kings or queens in your life.

I frequently refer to the Ace of Air as being the “speed bump card.” It’s not that your plans aren’t going to work out, but that you may experience a slow down.

You may need to make changes to your plans. You may need to reflect on how you’re going to go about doing things differently.

The Four of Water indicates that we might be functioning in a pessimistic kind of way. We might see only the negative and not see the positive opportunities. We have a young man who is sitting, facing three cups. The cups are empty and that is all he sees.   He doesn’t see that there is an angel behind him offering him another cup. He doesn’t even see that there is another option.

The Ten of Air is where we kind of snap out of that feeling of being powerless.  We become aware that we have to make a change. It could be an ending to our procrastination that we’ve been seeing with the Four of Water that ends the delays we felt with the Ace of Air.


In June, the delays and annoyances of March and April fade away.  We begin with the King of Earth, a very fine place to start.  This monarch represents prosperity and abundance.  The card speaks of a time of great success, financial security and prosperity. The Midas touch where everything turns out beautifully.

Next, we have The Dreamer which in many ways takes us back to the hopes and aspirations of January. This whole sense of our dreams. What do we want to create?  Starting something new.  Trusting oneself by putting fears aside and taking a leap of faith.

And then we have the Page of Earth – the proverbial student.  Meanings include an excellent opportunity presents itself, happy news about your career, promotions or scholarships, or a new area of study.

The delays that we were seeing in April and in May are over with. They are gone. And now things are racing right along with abundance and prosperity, excitement about our wishes come true, and the opportunity and the ability to really make things get going.


July brings more good news with two out of three cards that we have seen before.

The first card is the Page of Fire.  This page brings news of exciting opportunities, the ability to let your creativity soar, doing things that fuel your passions, and finishing what you start.

We last saw the Hermit back in April.   But this time, I think the focus is really on the aspect of shining your light so that others can see.  Being an example.   This card says you should spend time in peaceful meditation and meaningful solitude, shining your light as an example to others.

And also returning is the Page of Water that we saw back in January and ties this month back to the theme from the first of the year. Once again, this card indicates messages regarding relationships, new emotional experiences, romantic encounters, social invitations, and heightened psychic abilities. We are asked to try to stay in a place of joyfulness for our purpose, joyfulness for what it is that we want to create, and being in love with what we are doing.


On to August where there is a bit of challenging energy.   The first card is what I call Ego, but what traditional tarotists refer to as the Devil.  Meanings of this card include the illusion of being trapped, accepting responsibility for your situation, and then making choices that support your path to happiness.  Addictions and unhealthy habits can also be indicated with this card.  Are you starting to get in your own way?  Are negative thoughts, fears, and beliefs, dominating your thoughts? If so, it’s going to start really being a problem for you.

Next up is the Five of Water, which is a bit like the Four of Water we experienced back in May.  The story is once again the nature of being stuck in negative thoughts, focusing on the that which you do not want causing things to not turn out the way you anticipated.  A need for forgiveness of self or others is also indicated. Everything happens for a reason. Look for the hidden blessings.

And finally, we have Ten of Water – a decidedly happier card and a message of support. It talks about an emotional commitment, a loving relationship with your family, and people you can trust. Yes, this card often reflects birth family, but it can also refer to families of choice.  So, while we are going through this time where we’re needing to get our egos in check and our negative thoughts under control, our support system will be our families or our chosen families.  We must turn to people who can help us to pull ourselves together and allow us to be able to get more on a positive focus.


For September, we have clearly made progress because things get 100% better and do so quickly.

The first card is the Knight of Air. This is the fastest moving energy in tarot. It talks about events that move with great speed, choosing intellectual responses to challenges rather than emotional ones, and sudden or unexpected changes. You need to review your options carefully.

We’ve also got Nine of Earth which talks about enjoying the fruits of your labors, hard work that leads to a luxurious life, buying yourself something special, and enjoying your solitude.

And finally, Six of Earth, which is abundance that falls from the sky. It reminds you that “the good you do comes back to you.”

So, what’s the big take away here?  Make sure that you do not get all stuck in the mud in August because challenges are going to resolve themselves and do so relatively quickly.  Staying in a place of negativity or being in a place of skepticism and/or pessimism is only going to delay things from getting better.


In October, we start off with Renewal (Judgment in traditional tarot.)

The card presses us to review the past with compassion and forgiveness. It tells us that it’s time to head in a new direction, get clarity on your life purpose, and to take action that in your heart you know is right. This is a card where we start to reflect. We’re vaguely aware that the year is starting to come to a close. You’re in the last quarter so how do you feel about things?  How do you want to spend the next three months and what do you need to do next?

Then there is the cautionary tale of Ten of Fire.  This is a card of overwork and possible health consequences due to too much stress.  It asks that you get someone to help you with the burdens on your shoulders.

And as if on cue, the next card is Two of Fire which talks about taking the next steps, making bold and ambitious choices, and partnering with others who can share your dreams.

This pulls the whole thing together beautifully because we got a significant life review that indicates being out of balance in your life and the need to get assistance with that.


But apparently in November, the life review isn’t complete because we have Renewal back again.

Keeping him company is the Magician which indicates where magic is alive in your life.  The message is “if you believe it, you can do it.”  As if to be a counterpoint to that, Five of Earth shows up to prove that if you don’t believe you can do it, then you’ll probably not succeed.  We are once again falling prey to negative thoughts and “horribilizing” our situation. Which will only get us more stuff we do not want.

So, what are we seeing here? We are seeing a theme for 2024 that everything is actually okay, if not fantastic! We just keep getting sidetracked due to the way that we think about things.  Staying in a place of negativity or allowing our negative thoughts to run away from us.  You want to have an easy-peasy 2024?  Don’t do that!!!


And we close out the year in December with three cards that we have all seen before.

The first one is Ace of Air. This is that card that I told you there was a speed bump card. It says brilliant ideas that may need refinement, overcoming obstacles with faith that everything will work out, communicating clearly and concisely, and remaining objective.

Next is our old friend the King of Earth. To remind you, this card is one of abundance and prosperity that tells us everything is going great. The Midas touch, everything turning out beautifully, a supportive people around you.

And finally the Two of Fire – a card that talks about taking the next steps, bold and ambitious choices, and partnering with others who share your dreams,

So yeah, maybe some minor delays in December. People do slow down in December because of the holidays. But this is basically a great month if you just work with others and stay positive.

As promised, I pulled a final card that would indicate how we would see 2024 when we looked back upon it a year from now.  I was very happy to see The Chariot show up for us!

The Chariot shows rewards that come from hard work.  It talks of successfully balancing many priorities at once, determination and willpower. It also tells us that public recognition for our good work is on the horizon.  Basically, it shows that we’re going to be able to look back at 2024 with pride in our accomplishments and a sense that things were a big success.   It’ll feel like 2024 was the best year we’ve seen in a long, long time!

So, there’s your forecast for 2024!  No year is ever perfect, but so long as we keep our thoughts positive and retain a clarity of vision on what we are wanting to create, it should be a great year!



Listen to Radleigh Valentine’s podcasts here. To learn more from Radleigh or buy his Tarot Cards, visit:  http://www.radleighvalentine.com

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