The Angel Tarot Show with Radleigh Valentine

Discover gentle guidance from your angels, the wisdom of tarot, and the magic of manifestation.

Join bestselling author and Angel Tarot expert Radleigh Valentine for a brand-new way of connecting with your angels and tap into the healing, hope, and guidance that’s all around you, just waiting to be discovered! Listen as Radleigh introduces you to your team of angelic guides and guardians, allowing you to unlock a world of unconditional love, tune in to your intuitive abilities, experience confidence and certainty, and create the joy-filled life you’ve always wanted. Also, once a week, you’ll get a useful and timely Energetic Weather Report, bringing you guidance for the coming week, including a three card reading.

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About the host

Radleigh Valentine

Best-selling Hay House author Radleigh Valentine has inspired audiences around the world with his angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support. Imagine having an encouraging guardian angel or fairy “godbrother” whispering in your ear, helping you realize your purpose as a child of the Divine. He’s written several oracle and tarot decks, including the best-selling Angel Tarot Cards. His books Manifesting Your Magical Life and Compendium of Magical Things offer insightful, exhilarating lessons about how to manifest the life of your dreams and find your own unique language for communicating with the Divine. An internationally known spiritual teacher and speaker, Radleigh has presented at nearly 100 events in 10 countries. His teachings enchant audiences with the message that each and every one of us deserves to live a magical life. For more information, visit

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