Animals in Transition – by Karen Dendy Smith

Animals have shared that they know where they are in their lifecycle and where the imbalances are in their bodies. What they want most from us to be present with them, enjoying the small, gentle things in life.

Morris: “I don’t have long, but I’m waiting for you”
Passed 9/19/11 but waited for us to return from a trip before he declined rapidly from a brain tumor.

Some of the words animals have used to describe what is happening: acceptance, slowing down, declining, preparing to pass, and letting go of lifeforce.

This is a very sacred period of time in our relationship

When our animals are in the process of transitioning, they share that they have a general acceptance of this part of their lives. What they want most from us is to be present with them and when possible to help gently alleviate discomfort.

This is a very specific time in our relationship that can range widely depending on many factors. And this period brings up a lot of emotions including deep anticipatory grief. For many of us [humans] it can make us feel helpless or panicked as our minds race to try to figure out if we are missing something or if there is something more we should do to stop or fix the decline we are seeing.

And we can spin ourselves into a tizzy about how to handle this period, who to call for advice and support, how much intervention and medical procedures are enough or too much…

There is no one right way to move through this

We CAN seek the guidance of our animals to help us understand what they are going through, what they want at this stage of life, and how we can be a part of the process from a calm and connected place. Much of the time the information they ask me to share validates what you already “know”, confirming the communication you already have with each other…

The other animal family members know what is happening

Have you noticed your other animals behavior may have shifted? Are they quieter around the animal who is in transition or sitting close by? They have told me that during this stage they are: holding safe space, paying homage, saying goodbye, downloading information.

Our animals try to intuitively let us know

While we were traveling, our Morris reached out to me in a dream. And this happened 5 years BEFORE I became an animal communicator. He let me know something was very wrong and that he didn’t have much time. (we didn’t realize he had a brain tumor and had hidden it well). When we got home he declined very quickly. During this time, our other cat Hockey Puck quietly sat by his side for a few days. His head was dropped into a bowing position, and I could tell he was sharing energy and receiving information. And Morris clearly let us know it was time to alleviate his discomfort.

Yes, souls are watching over and waiting for your beloved animal

Animal and human souls, are waiting to create safe and loving passage to welcome our animals back into the fullness of their spirit. Animals repeatedly show me how supported and loved they are on the other side, and that their soul families were there for them as they passed.

So, if you are going through a transition at this time with a beloved animal or are still trying to come to terms with that part of the process since you animal has passed, please know there is no one right way to do this. Your animal knows how hard you are trying to help and how much you love them.

And I am sending you lots of love too.

Written by our host Karen Dendy Smith, co-host of  The Animal Communication Podcast. You can visit Karen’s website here:

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