Bliss Happens

Your Journey to Joy

Welcome to “Bliss Happens: Your Journey to Joy” a vibrant podcast where diversity meets unity, and spirituality intertwines with soulful beats. Expect infectious, uplifting energy and meaningful conversations on living an authentic life of joy.  We’ll share a mosaic of experiences, perspectives and well-being practices including special guests. Let’s celebrate the bliss that happens when we open our hearts, expand our minds, and connect authentically with the world and others around us.

Your Co-hosts: Meet Faith Rivera, Emmy award winning music mom with melodies to ignite your spirit and raise the vibe. Chad Bradford, a theatre artist, and director bridges the world of classic art and modern dilemmas. Rev. Skip Jennings, a gay Black Reverend with a deep love for house music whose wisdom and beats are a balm for the soul.

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About the host

Faith Rivera

At the heart of it, Faith is an island-girl with a gift for loving people up and a passion for everyday spirituality to allow for more happiness, authentic joy and creative fun!  Beyond her wide impact as a positive music artist, Faith has empowered thousands through workshops, keynote concerts and retreats for the Centers for Spiritual Living, Unity Worldwide and events for life coaches and spiritual leaders.  She draws on new thought/ancient wisdom teachings including Abraham-Hicks and Law of Attraction philosophy.

Faith is a Grace Note Recipient from Unity Worldwide for her contribution to New Thought Music.  She is featured in movies:  “What is New Thought?”  “A New Thought, A New You” and most recently “As a Man Thinketh” with Michael Beckwith, Joe Vitale, and more empowering teachers.  When she’s not helping others write their custom HeartSongs or hosting an island Self-Love retreat, you can catch her award-winning music and aloha-filled unicorn vibes on Bliss Happens podcast.

Skip Jennings

Rev. Skip Jennings is a dynamic spiritual leader, co-hosting the “Bliss Happens” podcast on, as well as Gritz and Glitter”. He is an accomplished author with a heartfelt mission to inspire positive transformation.  His inspiring books include “The Lotus Kitchen,” “Spirit Explosion,” and “The Little Book for Big Transformations.”  Formerly serving as the Spiritual Director for the Center for Spiritual Living in Fort Lauderdale, Rev. Skip brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to his work. He is a proud graduate of the Michael B. Beckwith School of Ministry.

As the visionary founder of Mind, Body, Spirit Solutions L.L.C., Rev. Skip has created a platform dedicated to holistic well-being and personal growth. His multifaceted expertise encompasses yoga instruction and energy healing. In his counseling and coaching sessions, Rev. Skip follows his C.A.R.E.S. philosophy, which stands for Connection, Action, Remember, Empowerment, and Self-Love.  Find Rev. Skip Jennings online at and immerse yourself in transformative meditations through the Insight Timer Meditation App.

Chad Bradford

Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Chad has been blessed to work across the country as an actor, director, musician, composer, and teacher. Chad has worked as a professor and guest artist at institutions like Bradley University, the University of Central Arkansas, UA Little Rock, and more.
Chad is currently the Associate Director of Children’s Theatre and Performing Arts at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. Chad’s list of acting and directing credits includes leading roles Off-Broadway, five different National Tours, movies, and regional Shakespeare theatres across the country. Chad’s most recent project was a recurring role on the PBS series “The Mystery League.” He currently serves as the Associate Artistic Director of Shake on the Lake Theatre Company in Western New York.
Chad combines his work in the arts and spirituality with his program Voices UnCaged, bringing theatre experiences into correctional facilities.
Chad finds constant inspiration and support in his family and generous wife, Sharon.

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