Seize Your Day

Tools for Living a Life of Passion and Purpose

Each day gives us an opportunity to begin again. The gift of the present. In this podcast, Susan Dintino will share with you her tools to live a vibrant life of passion and purpose. Energy healing, using psychic abilities, working with divine helpers and angels just to mention a few. A Reiki Master who uses meditation, aromatherapy and sound therapy in her practice, Susan will round out the podcast with motivating and inspiring guests. Heart-earned advice from a Hay House author, mother and widow spiced with humor, Susan will uplift you and assist you to Seize Your Day!

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About the host

Susan Dintino

If you ask Susan what her passion is she will quickly respond “Making a difference!” She has devoted her life to doing just that. The Hay House Author of Songs of My Life… Slightly Out of Tune, Susan uses humor to approach the lessons she has learned along the way. Beginning with her children’s book, A Year of Me published in 2000, Susan has used a variety of tools to impact people of all ages. A passionate believer in the powers of meditation she creates a variety of guided meditations including her trademarked technique called InPowering Meditation™.

An intuitive, Susan uses metaphysical tools to help people learn to heal themselves and tune in to their own psychic abilities. After 8 years of back-to-back losses, she discovered things she could do that helped her and wanted to share those ideas. Grief Reliefs was born, a self-care oracle deck. Whether teaching, writing, broadcasting or doing readings, Susan’s goal is to help others to help themselves.

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