Soul Powered Careers with Coach Mo Faul

Uncover the real reason careers get stalled, and how to uncover your SOUL POWER!

Coach Mo uncovers lessons learned as a CEO in the corporate world and how she helps professional women better navigate career landmines through plain talk strategy and consciousness-raising soul work.  As founder of the Kick Ass Career Workshop, she coaches professional women to bring their souls back to life and land their dream jobs.  Coach Mo calls it soul-powered! As an ex-CEO she learned the secret for professional women to have power the hard way and now she helps professional women learn how to have power the soul way.


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About the host

Mo Faul

Coach Mo is the founder and career coach of her signature 12-week transformational workshop, “Your Kickass Career.” Her special approach called, “Bring Your Soul to Work,” came to her when her cancer journey threatened to derail her career climb. Making the most of her challenges, she turned them into an opportunity to expand inner consciousness and Self-awareness.

Coach Mo teaches women to embrace who they are, claim their power, and expand their soul’s voice — which leads to joyful, lucrative careers and the shattering of glass ceilings in the Workplace.

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