Students of Mind

The mental health podcast made by curious minds, for curious minds.

Welcome to Students of Mind, the mental health podcast that aims to normalize conversations about and spread awareness around mental health. On this podcast, Jayde, the host, is just like you — eager to learn more about the mind. Here, we learn together and provide you with clear, concise information backed up by real experts and survivors about all things mental health. Join us every other week for a deep dive into the world of mental health.

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About the host

Jayde Barber

Jayde Barber is the creator and host of the Students of Mind Podcast, a mental health advocate, peer supporter, and entrepreneur in the Los Angeles Area. Since she was in grade school, Jayde has been diagnosed and living with several mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, and anorexia. Although she is not a licensed mental health professional, Jayde’s experience as a patient, family member, and friend of individuals with mental illness has driven her to share her experiences and insights. Through the podcast and across social media, Jayde shares her mental health and recovery journey.

Jayde covers various mental health related topics through interviews with mental health experts and healers as well as with survivors – people like herself who live everyday with mental illness. When an individual has lived experience with mental illness or managing mental wellbeing, Jayde believes that they are also experts whose voices and stories need to be shared and amplified.

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