Mental Health: Hope and Recovery

We live in recovery. So can you.

Helen Sneed and Valerie Milburn have both fought and overcome severe, chronic mental illnesses, and offer an insider’s approach to mental health. They share inspirational true stories and a host of recovery skills. Episodes examine conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance use and eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, and other major illnesses. You’ll learn about treatment options, coping skills, goal setting, relationships, and mindfulness. Helen and Valerie are your peers. They are not a substitute for qualified counseling or other mental health resources. They are not professionals, but they are experts through their own lived experience with multiple mental health conditions. Please join them on their journey.

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About the host

Helen Sneed

Helen Sneed spent 40 years in New York City, working in the development of new plays and musicals for the American theater. She is a produced and published playwright. Now residing in Austin, Helen volunteers for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and other organizations as a speaker, teacher, editor and author.

Valerie Milburn

Valerie Milburn is a former advertising, marketing and public relations professional; high school teacher, and curriculum writer. She is an active mental health community volunteer, mentor, speaker, and advocate. Her passion is sharing her mental health journey and recovery, spreading hope and breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health conditions. Her love is home and family.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Links and Numbers

Please reach out to these resources for help and additional information:

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness —
  • Suicide and Crisis Lifeline — call 988
  • National Institute of Mental Health —
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration —

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