Voices of Unity

Embracing Diversity, Living Oneness – Honest, Uplifting Talk on Everyday Spirituality

So much in our world leaves us feeling separate, alone, and unfulfilled. Let’s change that story! Embracing diversity and leaning into love, this podcast explores the creative spirit in each person. We’re three friends willing to go deep: a Gay Black Rev that loves House Music, a Filipina Islander Music Mom, a Straight White Shakespeare, Slapstick Loving Composer. We celebrate YOU in all your beautifully unique differences. We’ll explore spiritual, life-enhancing practices from new thought and beyond. With honesty and authenticity, we will ask tough questions, laugh, and cry, as we commit to being the best versions of ourselves.

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About the host

Rev. Skip Jennings

Rev. Skip Jennings is the Associate Minister for Center For Spiritual Living Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and the author of The Lotus Kitchen, Spirit Explosion and The Little Book for Big Transformations.  He is a graduate of the Michael B. Beckwith School of Ministry and the founder of Mind, Body, Spirit Solutions L.L.C.

Rev. Skip is a Yoga instructor, and a shamanic healer and his expertise can be found on SkipJennings.com. Additionally, check out his Insight Timer Meditation App.

Rev. Skip counsels and coaches clients using his C.A.R.E.S. philosophy, which stands for Connection, Action, Remember, Empowerment, Self-Love to transform the planet one person at a time.

Chad Bradford

Chad Bradford brings a flair for the dramatic to the Voices of Unity podcast. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Chad has been blessed to work across the country as an actor, director, composer, and teacher.

Chad is currently the Associate Artistic Director for Shake on the Lake Theatre Company in Western New York. Chad’s list of credits includes leading roles on five different National Tours, the Lifetime Movie Network, and regional Shakespeare Theatre Festivals across the country. Chad’s most recent and joyful “project” was the birth of his first child, Eliza, last year.

Chad finds constant inspiration and support in his family and generous wife, Sharon. For full credits visit his web site  www.Chad-Bradford.com

Faith Rivera

From the sunny shores of Hawaii, Emmy award-winning singer-songwriter, Faith Rivera, opens hearts and transforms lives around the globe through the power of music.

You’ve heard her uplifting songs on television shows and Grammy-nominated albums. She’s been featured at the Hollywood Bowl to the House of Blues to stages in Tokyo to Rome where audiences of all ages are engaged and energized by her upbeat messages, music, and dance.

This 1st generation Filipina is a multiple Posi Award winner and a Grace Note Award recipient for her contribution to New Thought Music.  She’s in the documentary “As a Man Thinketh” alongside Michael Beckwith, Joe Vitale, and more empowering teachers.

In this podcast Faith and her co-hosts share honest talk about walking the walk.  From music to mommyhood, Faith enjoys her island life with her high school sweetheart and their son and daughter.

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