Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

A spiritual podcast inspired by the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer

Join Nadia Delacruz, founder of the Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community for spiritual conversation and inspiration for living your life with joy and purpose. Episodes feature incredible guests who share their own stories of insight, awakening, and transformation. Together, we explore topics like manifestation, the Law of Attraction, meditation, Taoism, shamanism, angels, tarot cards and so much more. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You don’t need to DO anything to become spiritual. Learning to trust your intuition is the key to living an abundant life that feels rich and connected to everyone and everything in the universe.

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About the host

Nadia Delacruz

Nadia Delacruz has been on a spiritual journey for over two decades. Her passion for spirituality began in the 1990’s with the guiding hand of Dr. Wayne Dyer. In 2015, she founded the Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community. This group is now a thriving social space for spiritual inspiration that honors the legacy of her mentor. With a soft voice and a strong message, Nadia is courageous in the exploration of spiritual truth. Open to different traditions and committed to letting go of attachment, her approach is joyfully eclectic. She believes that tuning into your intuition is the key to living a life that feels rich and connected. All of Nadia’s work centers around bringing people together so that we can share our stories and lift each other up.

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