Co-Parenting with the Universe

Raising teens alone can be brutal. It doesn't have to be - when you're Co-Parenting with the Universe!

Raising teenagers all on your own can be brutal. In this show Murielle Fellous and her guests discuss wholistic tools to stop the downward spiraling into fear, anxiety, confusion and sometimes depression as well as tapping into the support of the Universe to help you raise your teen. You can submit questions to her website and receive customized coaching or short EFT/Tapping sessions.

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About the host

Murielle Fellous

Murielle Fellous was born and raised in France and lived twenty-five years in the U.S where she raised 3 kids as a single mom. One of her teenagers is still at home. She coached women on relationships for years but when her kids became teenagers acting in self-destructive ways, she became depressed. The experience was so painful and debilitating that she promised herself that she would do everything she could so that no mom would suffer alone! She now helps single moms with teenagers avoid the constant arguments, prevent the spiraling into fear, guilt, shame, overwhelm, anxiety or even depression and teaches them tools to co-parent. With the Universe.

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