12 Angels That Can Help You Conquer Self Doubt – by Radleigh Valentine

Life can be wonderful! However when you are filled with self-doubt and a lack of confidence, it can be difficult to experience life as joyful. While everyone experiences moments of uncertainty, others feel plagued by self-doubt for long periods of time. Whether it’s a short-term or long-term problem, assistance is always available to you. Here […]

2024 Tarot Forecast by Radleigh Valentine

For many, many years I created what I called RadScopes.  These were readings based on tarot – and more loosely – astrology.   Every year I would do a forecast for the coming year.   Recently, the company that publishes my podcast, mindbodyspirit.fm, asked me to bring back this tradition for 2024.  I thought it was a […]

A Pathway to Peace – By Joan Herrmann

When people do not receive the outcome they desire, they experience a range of emotions. Some get angry, protest, and blame themselves or others. Some get despondent, feel hopeless, and sink into a depression. Many get entangled with woulda, coulda, shoulda type thoughts, that continue to fuel their emotions. Whatever a person’s modus operandi, learning […]

Are All Psychics Neurodiverse? – By Lisa Campion

Yes! Yes, we are…. Although lately I have been thinking we are ALL neurodiverse- and what is neuro normality anyway…? I have been training psychics, sensitives, intuitives and empaths for over 20 years now and have noticed that most of the people that I work with have different ways that we think and process information. […]

Gratitude, Love and Appreciation – By Dr. Steven Farmer

I turned the corner to head to the nearby park, my two dogs Sampson and Scout meandering alongside me, when I spotted her. I stopped in my tracks, took a deep breath, and felt my body relax. For several moments I gazed at her timeless beauty, glowing brightly, surrounded by a faint necklace of orange-yellow […]

Harnessing the Power of the Spring Equinox – by Dr. Steven Farmer

The spring or Vernal Equinox is the time of year when the sun crosses the plane of the Earth’s equator, and day and night are of equal length across the entire planet. Now there’s increasing evidence that the season that begun on February 1 is blooming much more fully. Since winter is clearly over, now […]

Parenting Teens: The difference between Rules and Boundaries – By Kari O’Driscoll

One of the most important things I want parents and caregivers of adolescents to understand is how to engage in developmental relationships. As our kids grow, our relationship with them necessarily has to change over time, to accommodate for the way their brains are developing and the way they are emotionally maturing. The brain needs […]

Rethinking the Borders of Spirit by Philip Goldberg

Philip Goldberg’s article won a 2023 Folio: Eddie Award for Best Single Article in a Religious/Spiritual Consumer Magazine One night several years ago, on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California—three pedestrian-only blocks with shops, restaurants, theaters, and street entertainers—some Hare Krishna devotees were chanting and dancing. All of a sudden, a group of […]

Soul Loss (A Shamanic Perspective) – By Dr. Steven Farmer

To understand soul loss, it’s best to think of the soul as being like a holographic 3-D image. Holographic images result from a laser beam passing through a special type of film within which is contained the potential for a three-dimensional image. You may recall how in the first Star Wars movie (which turned out […]

Stocking A Vegan Pantry – by Laura Theodore

Keeping a well-stocked cupboard, while emphasizing a well-planned variety of items is crucial for creating quick vegan meals. Below, I list my top five essentials for creating easy and delicious meals at home. LAURA’S TOP FIVE PANTRY PICKS Canned Beans I like to keep a wide variety of canned beans in my pantry like black, […]

What Makes People Happy? – By Joan Herrmann

Why is someone who goes through a tragedy or lives in a horrible situation happy, while others who seem to have it all are miserable? I believe that true and lasting happiness is being able to tap into a deep state of peace and well-being within us, that doesn’t rely on anything external. It’s a […]

What’s really in a word? GRATITUDE – By Sharita Star

In honor of MindBodySpirit.fm’s welcomed and timely call to celebrate Gratitude during May 2023, it was an honor to contribute in writing what Numerology and Lexigrams have to say to spread awareness concerning it in consciousness conversation Our current times absolutely require this deeper understanding – which if one makes a genuine habit and consistent […]

When Karen Casey Writes, Millions Read – by Helen Sneed

Valerie and I are flat-out delighted and honored to have the legendary Karen Casey as our guest on the April 2023 Episode 29. We’ll be celebrating the 40th Anniversary Edition of her groundbreaking book, “Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women.” One of the first recovery books written for women, it’s sold over four million […]

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